3 simple methods to add markers on a Click2Map map?

Tutorials - February 26, 2015

The subject of this post seems to be certainly obvious but, after all, is essential when you create your map: how to add simply markers with Click2Map editor?

According to your needs, sometimes, it’s interesting to create markers individually one by one but, it suffices to create a dozen of points and this task becomes long and tedious. So, a feature exists in Click2Map : import a CSV file in a single operation, which allows you to import your own addresses file.

One last method is also conceivable: the creation of a marker from a template. When you have several identical points, it’s really easy to create an unique template and apply it on all your points and update them automatically, without modifying them one by one.

Let’s see together these 3 methods to add your markers on a map without the slightest effort with Click2Map.


1/ Create a marker individually

In the main menu, go to ‘Add’ > ‘Marker’ menu.

When the window displays, enter the required information: title, description if needed, address (or geographical coordinates if you know them).

It’s possible to add additionnal properties like the url link you need to bring out in the marker infowindow or a contact email address.

Not forgetting you can add an extra tab and brighten up your marker with photos, videos, text or any HTML code.


2/ Create by importing a CSV file

Import your own customers, business partners or suppliers files… everything is possible!

Go to the Addmenu > ‘Markers from a file’

In a few steps, you will able to import thousands of addresses easily:

  • Make sure that the CSV file is compatible with the CSV Click2Map structure
  • Associate the columns of your file with the existing elements in Click2Map
  • The editor geocodes automatically your addresses and locates them on your map

For more information, read How to import venues from an Excel or CSV file?

In a few minutes, all your points are located and pined on your map and you just have to publish and share it with your network.


3/ Create from a marker template

The templates are an efficient way to create markers with communal caracteristics (identical description, the same url links or contact email address, communal photos, same icons, etc.).

Thus, you have the possibility to:

  • create your template beforehand, then thanks to bulk operations, you apply to multiple markers, in the event for instance that your points could already be imported : ‘Libraries’ > ‘Marker Templates’, create your template then, in ‘Bulk Operations’ > ‘Apply a template’.

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