Your own and personalized mobile application with your map and your logo

Showcase - January 26, 2017

If you don’t know yet, it’s possible to create your own personalized mobile application with your logo and with your name on the Google Play and Apple Stores.

Indeed, we propose regularly some custom development to your customers. First, because it’s our business. AxioCode, the society who run Click2Map, is specialized in the development and the maintenance of web and mobile customized applications. We develop all sorts of applications (social, sport, healthcare, etc.).

Furthermore, it’s totally normal that Click2Map doesn’t fit for all your requests and demands. Sometimes, a custom development on-demand is necessary.

What’s the goal of having your customized mobile application? Which features can you add in this mobile application? You will find a non-exhaustive and useful list of functionalities for your users.


A personalized mobile application, why?

The point of creating your own mobile application is to be visible on the mobile Google Play and Apple Stores. It allows you to target different customers, young working persons for instance.

Then, many parameters can be personalized. It becomes easy to add your logo, create a customized home view, associate the right colors to your corporate identity and style guide... The icons of your points can be adapted according to your activity field or the subject of your map.

Finally, the development of your personalized application give you some benefits unlike a web application. On a native mobile application, it’s possible to integrate notifications, called Push notifications. They are in-app notifications which can be sent when a user do some actions or to notify him of the new features.


The basic features

As a general rule, when we propose some custom mobile development with a Click2Map map, the administration and the modification of the map are managed directly via the Click2Map editor. First, it’s cheaper than the development of a personal web dashboard and second, the editor allows you to operate some bulk and simplified actions: create a map, add some points, import mass data, create bulk operations, etc.

Then, different functionalities can be added in your personalized mobile application.

  • A home view included your logo or a personalized image can be set up.
  • Your Click2Map map: all the markers added in the Click2Map editor will be visible in this map. It will be available in a read-only mode and won’t be editable by your users.
  • The GPS locator: your user can locate his position on the map and discover the different spots or points around it.
  • A menu with dynamic filters: your user can filter the points on the map according to different categories, which you will define previously.
  • A list of your points: a caption of your markers can be organized with the previous filters or with different categories.
  • A view for the details of a point: this view allows you to display some information about your points on the map. It will be for example some data you added in your markers in the Click2Map editor like a description, photos, videos, etc.
This list is just an example of the user-friendly functionalities for your clients. However, it’s possible to push further the development if you need for instance to create a connection/subscription screen, manage the user accounts, add the points in a favorite menu, etc. The possibilities are unlimited.

How to develop yours?

It’s really simple, contact us for a quotation at

In a first step, it’s better to give us a list of your needs in order to quote your project as tightly as possible.

If you need to be guided, we can propose you an appointment first and create together a document of your functional requirement.

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