Join our Mapping Roadtrip with Atalante!

Customer Success Stories - August 4, 2014

Today we’re going to travel with our client Atalante. The summer vacation seems to be a good time to breath in some fresh air and go trekking with Atalante.

This presentation will be divided into 7 steps - each one will focus on specific details of the mapping project created as a collaboration between Atalante and Click2Map.

Come aboard and join us on our mapping roadtrip!

Day 1: Atalante Company

Created in 1986 by Frédéric Faure and Christophe Leservoisier, two passionate travelers, Atalante is a Tour Operator specialized in trekking trips.

Atalante is a pioneer of hikings, treks and meets with the locals for dream destinations all over the world (Treks in Tanzania, Desert crossing in Sahara, Climb Kilimanjaro…).

Based in Paris, Lyon and Bruxelles, a dedicated team advises people about original trips with turnkey packages or custom journeys.

Open the website and discover all travelling possibilities

map ata3


Day 2: The Journey

Choose any excursion and read the description, the difficulty of the treks, the comfort of commodities, information about the weather, travelling conditions, the altitude…

Next to the different steps of the journey, you will find a mini-map. Clicking on it gives you access to an interactive map with daily travel details.


Day 3: Consult the Map

Click2Map has created this interactive map following Atalante expectations.

The first general cartography shows the trip’s different steps. A legend explains the meaning of all points of interests and itineraries when you have to walk, trek, take public transports, stop at a hotel or a camp, tipi…

A small description provides information about the most beautiful spots.

map ata


Day 4: Day by Day

The day-to-day travel map helps you discover all steps, excursions and details. When you select a particular day, all the daily details are displayed: points of interest, hotel or sleeping location. Itineraries belonging to different days are greyed out to and information about the day’s trekking time and difficulty is provided.

map ata4


Day 5: Tell me more!

Clicking on a marker or point of interest display information about it. Information windows have been personalized and designed with texts, photo slideshows, hotel ratings, among other things.



Day 6: Personalized project

As you have probably guessed, all these functionalities are not available with the standard Click2Map Editor. Atalante represents more than 250 custom maps directly linked with the company’s information system: all features and functionalities are the result of a close working relationship established between the Atalante and Click2Map teams. Everything from the tooltips, colors to the zoom levels and general design has been customized for Atalante by the Click2Map team. Click2Map provides continued support to Atalante, adding more features when needed.


Day 7: Happy Holidays!

Your journey stops here.

Now, we can only advise you to visit the Atalante website and take some vacation wherever you want.

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Atalante website
Mini map
General Day-to-Day Map
Day 7 Atalante Trip
Personnalized tooltips

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