How to add some extra tabs to your point of interest?

Tips - March 8, 2017

As a reminder, in the Click2Map web editor, it is possible to create some markers to represent your different points of interests on a Google Maps map. Two solutions: importing an addresses file with a .CSV, .KML or .XML format, or adding individually points on the map. In fact, it depends on your project and your needs.


Furthermore, your markers will contain several information like medias and text contents in their description or in some extra tabs.


In this post, we are going to provide you some useful tips for adding and editing the extra tabs in your points of interests.


How to create the extra tabs in your points?

To create an extra tab, kindly go to the edition mode of your marker (one click on the concerned marker > at the bottom of the info-window, click on ‘Edit the marker’) and click on the ‘Extra tabs’ tab.


Three buttons are available: Text, Photo and Code.


What kind of information can they contain?

According to the three sorts of extra tabs, you have the possibility to add several and varied content.

  • a Text tab: add some rich text
  • a Photo tab: the Click2Map editor hosts your photos and allows you yo upload them directly in your marker. They will be displayed in Photo tabs.
  • a Code tab: do you need a specific shape? In this tab, add HTML code and format it with the look of your choice.

Is it possible to add them automatically when you import your file?

You can’t assign a specific column in your import file. It doesn’t work like that. But you can use the marker templates.



Simple! Kindly go to the editor in the ‘Tools’ menu > ‘Template set’.

Create a new template and choose the tabs you need to add in your point of interest. Fill in some tabs if your content is identical for your markers.

Confirm the template.

In your import file, add a ‘Template’ column and fill in the specific name, you use in the Click2Map editor for your template, in each row of each point.

Then, import your file.


How to integrate personalized data-fields in your extra tabs?

To integrate the existing Click2Map fields or your personalized data-fields in your tabs, right click on the wanted spot and choose the concerned field. Be careful, the personalized fields have to be previously created.

For instance: in the caption of your image in your Photo tab, you need to add your marker title. In the concerned Photo tab, right click on the ‘Caption’ box and choose the ‘Markers properties’ menu > ‘Title’.


How many tabs can you create?

In theory, you won’t be limited in tab numbers. However, in order to lighten your points of interests and your map, avoid adding 20 tabs.

In this case, choose the Code tab, to group the information, the photos, the videos and personalize them with HTML code.



Which size for your images and videos to fitting in your tabs?

The ideal size of your images or your videos will be around 300 pixels. They will fit in the info-window of your points.


For now, the size of the info-window of your marker can’t be modified. However, we will add this functionality in the web editor in the near future.


Your turn now, add, edit and personalize the extra tabs of your points of interests.

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