How to filter my map with categories?

Tips - August 18, 2016

To lighten your map, it is possible to filter it with categories. A feature is available in the Click2Map editor and it allows you to create groups and subgroups.

These groups can be personalized, displayed at the opening of the map or on the contrary, hidden. They offer you a lot of possibilities to filter your map with many very different categories like: geographic, chronologic, by firm, by shops, by notation...

At the publication of your map online or embed in your website, the web surfers can consult your map without affecting it. They will be able to choose the filters they need and display the wanted markers.


  1. Create group and subgroup
  2. Two possibilities exist to add a new group on your map: right click on the concerned map > New group or in the main menu, click on New > Group.

    Create as many groups as you need. No limit for adding new groups.

    To create a subgroup, it suffices to repeat this same action on the main group.


  3. Define parameters
  4. You need to hide your markers and groups at the opening of your map or on the contrary, to open them on the startup? You have the possibility to choose these parameters in the options of your group.

    It suffices to right click on the concerned group > Edit group. Check the different options:

    • Open group on startup
    • Hide markers on startup
    • Change the default icon


  5. Activate the research module
  6. You can complete your map by adding a research tab.

    When you publish your map, several parameters are proposed. In the Layout menu > check the box Search tab.

    Your visitors will feel free to filter your markers on the map or to search specific terms.

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