Click2Map's Story in a few key figures

Misc - August 12, 2014

Today, we come back with some key figures and facts to learn more about the Click2Map story. From its origin to the recently released mobile Apps, here’s an overview of Click2Map’s evolution focusing on a few key figures.


Click2Map’s past

August 2006: idea and creation of the first prototype
March 2007: 1st beta public version
October 2007: introduction of paid plans. And, most importantly, our 1st customer!
June 2010: new version (v2) with uploading maps function
January 2011: setup on Chrome Webstore
November 2012: iPhone and iPad versions
January 2013: Android version
January 2014: new iPhone version
Year 2015: future version 3

Key figures

80 000 users
400 000 existing maps
15 000 000 markers created
Present in 197 countries


TOP 5 countries where Click2Map users come from

Top5 countries where Click2Map users come from


Activity Fields of Click2Map Maps

  • Tourism: 30%
  • Community: 15%
  • Commerce: 7%
  • Cultural: 6%
  • Education: 4%
  • Environment: 4%
  • Municipality: 3%
  • Logistics: 3%

30% of Click2Map maps are about tourism. The most important use is to locate important spots to visit or accomodations and restaurants to go…

The second activity is about community information: 15% of maps show, for instance, garage sales in a neighborhood, members of a network, an employment assistance map...


Mobile Apps

Today mobile devices are everywhere and daily used by millions of people around the world. Roughly 25% of all internet traffic concerns the web traffic form mobile devices. 26 billions dollars are the turnover generating by mobile apps market in 2013. Mobile devices changed the way businesses work. Ergonomics, simplicity, intelligence, whenever and wherever you need, all these criteria lead Click2Map to enter into the market and create complementary applications to the editor.


15 000 downloads of Click2Map Mobile on iOS and Android systems

Air Max 1 Mid Liberty Max Kicks
TOP 5 countries where Click2Map users come from

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