How to make a map from longitude and latitude coordinates?

Tutorials - October 13, 2014

Today, we will focus on making a map with longitude and latitude coordinates from a CSV file. We will select as an example the map below gathering French Embassies all over the world.


1- First, the easiest step is to create your map.

Go to Add tab > Map. Title your map and put in a description if needed.

Here, we're not interested to center our map on a specific country. So we position correctly our world map with the zoom level and click on "OK".


2- To make sure the next steps go smoothly, you first need to check your CSV file and make it match with Click2Map's CSV structure.

CSV File
CSV File of French Embassies all over the world

Here, we catch out for the following elements: Title, Country, Latitude and Longitude coordinates. The order in which elements are organized is not important. Click2Map will automatically associate matching columns. If this is not the case, you'll have the possiblity to manually make associations during the import process.


3- You can import now your longitude and latitude coordinates.

Go to Add tab > Markers from a file. A window appears, then follow step by step the different instructions:

  • Our file is registered in CSV semicolon format. Chose the right parameter concerning your CSV file.
  • Download and import it
  • Finally, Click2Map associates automatically matching columns

After importing your CSV file, Click2Map geolocates your markers coordinates and pin them automatically on your map.


4- To lighten our map, we chose to cluster our markers. Go to Map tab > Markers clustering option. Adapt clustering parameters for your map if needed.

Tips:  to change markers icon like on the map above, use bulk operations. Chose "Change Icon" command in “Bulk Operations” tab.


5- The final step is to publish and share your map. Here, we’ve embbeded it as a widget in the present article. An address finder and an itinerary tab have been added.

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