How to organize your points into different categories?

Tutorials - November 17, 2014

Today, we'll show you how to create groups and subgroups for your map with the Click2Map editor. Groups can be useful to organize markers into different categories, for example.


1/ Use the Group > New Group button from the main toolbar.

Choose the parameters for your group:

Add a new group

  • Specify a Name for your group
  • Choose a default icon for all the markers in this group. You can choose one from the Click2Map gallery or add your own.
  • Add a small description if you wish
  • Modify the publication options if you want to open the group or hide markers when visitors first open your map.

Tips: you can perform bulk operations to move existing markers into a group in one operation.


2/ If you want to organize your groups, use the Group > Reorder groups... command from the main toolbar.

Use the different buttons to find the order you need for your map. You can click on the Title column header to reorder all items in alphabetical order.

Reorder groups

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Create a group
Reorder groups

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