Create Your Store Locator Map (1/3)

Tutorials - January 9, 2015

Thanks to a ‘store locator’, your users will find your selling points near to them, actual and trusted information on them (addresses, telephone numbers, opening hours, photos, …), and a precise itinerary.


The ‘store locator’ improves the visibility of your shops in search engines. Today, studies prove that 64 % of internauts ‘google’ shops before moving. They search information to spot a product before buying it or quite simply locate the shops near to them and create an itinerary.


You will find below an example of a restaurant-pizzeria locator map. Click on a point and a tooltip will be displayed with contact information.


How to create this kind of map with personalized markers and publish it on your website? Let’s see the different steps.

So, today we will focus on the first couple of steps to help you to create your own "store locator" map with Click2Map. First, open the editor and create your account.  


1/ Create your Map

The easiest step is to create your map, “Add” command in the main menu.

Then, you have to title it and, if needed, put a small description of that map.

Tips and Tricks: you can center the map on the area of your choice. Thereby, when the user opens his map, it is centered on the country, region, whatever you want.  


2/ Constitute your Groups

When your company gathers a chain of stores, that’s simpler to organize your points of interest in different groups.

The choice is yours for your groups: shops type, state, country … Everything is possible! For example, the map above is divided by states.

You can also attribute a different defaut icon for your markers to each group.


To start your map right now, click here.


Why wait?

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