Share and Customize your Store Locator Map (3/3)

Tutorials - March 19, 2015

As we said few weeks ago, a store locator helps internet users to find a selling point close to them with precise information.

In this previous article, we described the most important part of a Store Locator creation: Setting down markers on your map.

Today let's see the last part of a Store Locator creation: publish and customize your map!


Publish your map

First you created your map, your categories and then placed your markers on your map. Now, you are ready to publish it and share it with your network.

You have 2 possibilities with Click2Map: you can choose to embed a widget on your website or redirect the map on an online URL hosted on Click2Map.

Generally, your goal is to make sure your store locator ranks high in the list of results when a request like “Brand + city” is performed on Google. For that purpose, the store locator has to respect some good practices of SEO: dedicated URL, local and specific content on each city or shop.


It is time to customize!

Last step and not the least, is the personalization of your widget.

It is important to make sure your widget matches the presentation and aspect of your website. To do that, you can use the publication options to change basic visual elements or you can call us if you need more complex map personalization.

With the basic layout tools of Click2Map Editor, you have the possibility to add a search, a directions tabs in your widget, and an address finder which allows users to find stores near to their location.

That’s it… your map is finished!

Tips and Tricks: don’t forget that your Store Locator need to be mobile friendly. Indeed, ⅓ of English mobile users and more than 40% of American mobile users have already used their cellphones to find a location or opening hours of the nearest shop. 24% of mobile requests on Google and 53 % of Bing requests have a local feature.


You know all the basics to start your Store Locator Map. Now, we are waiting for you on Click2Map!

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