Set down your Markers on your “Store Locator” Map (2/3)

Tutorials - February 9, 2015

As we said few weeks ago, a store locator helps internet users to find a selling point close to them with precise information.

In this previous article, we described the 2 first steps to create your own ‘store locator’ map.

Today, let’s see the third step: Setting down your Markers

It’s the step to locate your markers on the map. Two choices are available to you.


Add a marker individually

You can add an individual marker and change its title, its description, type manually its address or coordinates.

You can imagine to add an image and a description, different tabs with video or text.

Tips and Tricks: You also have the possibility to create a marker based on a template. That’s a great way to gain time and create markers with the same characteristics (the same icon, same photo tab, same video tab, same contact tab, etc.)


Import your own file

If you want to create lots of markers, you can choose to directly import of your own file (Excel or CSV file) with all information for your markers.

Then, you have to associate the elements of your file to the different categories which exist (name, address, zip code, country, email, etc.). Click2Map Editor does the rest and automatically locates your markers.

Tips and Tricks: To gain more time, you can also associate a template when you import your file. Thus, your markers will be automatically created with the tabs or others characteristics you added previously in this template.

In these two cases, you can update your database regularly and directly in Click2Map Editor.

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