4 Useful Click2Map Mobile features for updating markers on the move

Tips - August 21, 2014

Today, I choose to put myself in the shoes of an estate agent who wants to update information about his real estate stock while he’s on the move. He needs essential functionalities to be productive and efficient.

So, grab your mobile phone and discover Click2Map Mobile.

Click2Map Mobile is a free application allowing you to consult, update, create and manage all your maps from any location. It helps you create and manage advanced online maps from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

We’ll now present 4 essential features of your mobile app worth knowing!


1. GPS positioning

GPS geolocation helps you create markers at a precise location in real-time. If you want to create a point of interest exactly at your current location, Click2Map Mobile offers all the features need.

If needed, you can also manually update the position of a marker by entering its street address or geographical coordinates.


2. Associate pictures with markers on site

Good photos are always welcome when you want to sell or rent a place. Click2Map Mobile allows you to do that directly while on location. You can switch to Photo mode to start creating markers whenever you take a new photo or you can take pictures and later associate them with one or more existing markers by selecting them in your phone’s gallery.


3. Update information on location

Just like pictures, the description of you markers can be modified in real-time, wherever you are. Click2Map Mobile allows you to update your real estate properties’ descriptions and characterstics whenever you need.


4. Use Groups

Click2Map Mobile allows you to create groups in which you can then add markers. It’s really convenient to separate for example the houses from the flats or the rental accommodations from the ones for sale. You can even add subgroups for an even more precise organization of your markers.

Visual personalization is also possible by taking advantage of the embedded icon library to illustrate your groups.


Click2Map iOSClick2Map Android

More effective with Click2Map Editor...

Click2Map Mobile is also a great companion application for the online editor. You can perform all data intensive tasks in the Click2Map online editor to prepare your work with the mobile apps. For example, you can import your property database and create specific categories related to you business with different fields such as the surface area, the number of bedrooms, the selling price, etc.

All the information entered in the online editor become accessible through the mobile apps: you can then update the information from the mobile apps when you’re on location.

More information about Click2Map Mobile, here.

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