How to gain time by using markers template with your database?

Tutorials - April 13, 2015

In our last post, we created 2 personalized data categories and associated some data fields for a restaurant locator (read How to organize your personal Click2Map database?):

  • Opening Hours: opening times for each store
  • Amenities: services for each store like free wifi, mobile payment, 24-Hour service, drive-thru.

After we filled in information in our database (My database > Edit Values), we need to insert them in a marker template. It will be applied to all our markers.

In this case, we need to display the opening hours in the markers description and the amenities for each store in a specific extra tab.

Go to ‘Tools’ menu > ‘Template Set’

‘Add’ a new template and fill in the different cases:

  • Template Name: Store Locator
  • In the description, enter the data fields previously created

  • To make it easier for visitors to locate the stores, we check the ‘Display marker address’ option.
  • You can easily change the default icon too and choose a new one in the Click2Map galleries as we do here.

Then, choose ‘Extra tabs’ and add a Text tab.

  • Caption: Amenities
  • Content: type the data fields created in the previous blog post

The template is finished! Now you can apply it to your markers.

Go to 'Tools' menu > ‘Bulk operations’ and ‘Apply Template’.

Select the concerned markers and confirm. You can notice all your markers are filled with the information from your database.


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