Click2Map Professional Services

Call upon the expertise
of our team of professionals

All services are provided by the very same team of experts who have been working on the Click2Map project since 2006.

This guarantees high quality services based on a truly unique Geoweb expertise based on multiple years of combined experience.

On-demand Development

Who can offer you better Geoweb development services than the team in charge of the Click2Map project?

Our expertise based on the development of the Click2Map application and its thousands of users is internationally praised. Our unique experience garantees prompt and rigorous execution of all your computer development needs.

Do not hesitate to submit your project offers to us: we'll be happy to promptly get back to you and are sure to provide you with the best anwser to your needs.

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Map Creation Service

Save time by letting our professional team create your maps.

Click2Map is a professional map editor offering you very powerful functionalities to satisfy your productivity requirement.

Our technical team is composed of experts used to creating maps of all sorts in extremely varied domains.

We're at your disposal to create your maps with extremely high quality standards in a short time.

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Personalization: Publish fully personalized maps
on your website

Click2Map allows you to publish maps as widgets, that can be embedded into existing web pages on your website. Numerous publication options allow you to define the size of each widget and control the various display options related to map controls, the marker list or their description.

If you need even deeper personalization for a perfectly seamless integration into your website, our personalization service can help you create your very own, unique widget, in accordance with your exact specifications.

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Do you face a Geoweb problem?

Receive recommendations based on our unique experience and careful case study.

Our competences range from the actual development of computer solutions to the preliminary study phase of your projects.

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Increase your Click2Map knowledge and take advantage of its most powerful functionalities.

Our training sessions are based on practical exercises and real life scenarios inspired from concrete cases.

After one or two days, depending on the chosen options, you'll experience increased productivity and will feel comfortable with the technologies used in Click2Map.

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