Create a map of locations

Create a map from a list of multiple locations

Make maps from your existing lists of locations and addresses. Convert your data into locations on interactive online maps.

Visualizing multiple locations on a map is much more convenient than browsing through a list of addresses. Click2Map brings you all the tools you need to painlessly convert your data into locations on a Google map.

Make a map from existing data

Transforming an existing list of addresses into an interactive map is a simple process thanks to Click2Map:

  • Save your location data in a simple text file following our guidelines.
  • Select your local data file and verify that each element is correctly associated.
  • Let Click2Map do the work for you and generate a map with your data.

Create a map of your important locations

Click2Map allows you to easily create an interactive map of all the places you like or need to remember for personal or business purposes. You can make maps of the places you have visited, of your professional contacts, friends or relatives – everything become clear and easier to remember or organize when it’s displayed on a map.

Click2Map makes it easy to add locations on a map by simply entering an address or clicking where you want to add information.

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