Customize your points of interest using the embedded icon libraries

Personalize your maps using icons from over 15 icons libraries covering the most common themes (administration, culture, stores, restaurants, hotels, tourism, nature, etc.). Icons sets help you design maps with clearly organized and easily recognizable content: more than 200 professional icons are provided by default to help you make each marker stand out.

Available icon sets are organized into the following categories:

  • Administration, Office and Industry
  • Culture & Entertainment
  • Education & Kids
  • Events & Weather
  • Friends, Family & Real Estate
  • Media
  • Miscellanous
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Sports, Health & Beauty
  • Stores
  • Tourism & Nature
  • Transportation
  • ...

You even have the possibility to use your own icons!

Nike Shox Deliver Men Shoes Fade Dark Blue silver Casual Trainers Sneakers 317547

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