Free Map Creator

Free Map Creator

Create your maps and add your own points of interest in just a few clicks with Click2Map's powerful map creator.

Download your maps and publish them on your website free of charge.

Click2Map sample Map

The Click2Map Editor is a powerful Rich Internet Application. Its look and feel are similar to those of a standard desktop application. Click2Map's ergonomic user interface helps you create maps easily, even if you have no programming knowledge.

Create your maps and add your own points of interest in just a few clicks.

Display markers containing text, photos, videos...

When a visitor clicks on a marker, an info window pops up, displaying the information you choose: address, coordinates, any kind of data such as text, photos, videos or even embedded HTML content.

Add Lines
and Polygons

Lines and polygons can be used for multiple purposes, for example to mark geographical areas or to highlight itineraries. You can choose their color, line width and opacity.

Personalize your maps
with your own markers

The Click2Map Editor comes with a library rich of several dozens of markers to which you can add your own images.
Click2Map renders map personalization extremely easy!

Organize your markers
into groups

Groups are hierarchical containers that you can use to organize your markers into different categories, for example.
They greatly simplify navigation within a map.

A productivity oriented professional application

You can now update multiple markers in one single operation.

Batch updates allow you to modify multiple markers at the same time: rename several markers, change their description, move them to another map or group, delete them, etc.

Updating multiple markers one at a time is a thing of the past!

Create your personalized marker templates

Creating multiple markers with a common visual representation (same icon, same tabs, etc.) is a simple operation with Click2Map.

Once a marker exactly corresponds to what you need, simply save it as a template.

Marker templates help you work faster and more efficiently.

You can even select different templates for each marker you import!

Import address databases in a large selection of formats

Click2Map's import function allows you to convert your address databases into markers on your maps. Addresses are automatically geolocated!

Markers can be imported and exported using multiple data formats: CSV (text/Excel), KML, GeoRSS and XML.

Organize your data in your Click2Map database

Click2Map includes a powerful database engine allowing you to create multiple markers with common properties. A list of hotels could, for example, include the following properties: number of rooms, presence of a swimming pool, type of internet access, etc.

You can define as many categories and data fields as you need; you can even store your information in the Click2Map database when you import markers!

In addition to its powerful database system, Click2Map allows you to use variables that your can insert wherever you need to display information on your maps. Variables are the perfect companions to marker templates. The combination of the import functions, marker templates and a powerful database are part of what makes Click2Map a magical geoweb tool!

Download your maps and publish them on your website.

Retrieve your maps'
source files

You can easily download all the files corresponding to any of your maps in a compressed ZIP file.

The files only need to be uploaded to your web server to make your maps accessible to your visitors.

Host your maps on the Click2Map servers

Simplify your maps' publication process by enabling real-time update features: you no longer need to download your maps to publish them on your website.

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