Indicate a location and how to reach it with Click2Map

Indicate a location and how to reach it

Would you like to show your visitors how to reach your company premises or any other location?

That's very easy. You just need to create a map, add a marker at the location of your choice and publish your map as a widget with directions enabled.

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  • Create a new map
  • Add a geocoded marker. See the How to create markers tutorial.
  • Customize your marker's icon
  • Center the map and adjust the zoom level. Save this parameter by simply right-clicking on the map (choose "Set Map Center and Zoom")
  • Publish your map as a widget once you've determined the size and location on your website (height and width in pixels); be sure to check the "Enable directions" option.
  • Download your map's source files and upload them to your web server. If you have subscribed to the Click2Map Map Hosting service, you only have to copy the widget's HTML code into your web page.
  • On your website, visitors can click on your map's "Directions" tab, enter the address they'd like to use as a starting point, then click on the marker to select it as the destination point: the calculated itinerary is then displayed on your map and the zoom level is automatically adjusted.

Sample map:

The map shown below was created with the Click2Map Map Editor and integrated in this page as a widget.

You can access map controls (upper-left corner), zoom in and out with your mouse wheel, move the map using drag & drop, click on a marker to display its information window, display or hide groups of markers by checking/unchecking the corresponding options, list their content by clicking on their folder name...
As well as many other functions that can easily be selected for all your maps: simple, fast, efficient!

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