Purchase a Click2Map Map Server and its Framework!

Performance and autonomy:
Dedicated solution on your server

Opt for the Click2Map Map Server option and benefit from a specific setup on our mutualized servers, a dedicated server or your own hardware.

Control you data and the server load resulting from your maps' activity.

You can download your maps to display them on your local computer, share them or publish them on you website, for free. You can even host your maps on the Click2Map servers to simplify their publication process and take advantage of the powerful tools they offer.

The Click2Map Map Server allows you to save you information in your own database. You can then manage your information with the Click2Map Editor and any other application or service making use of the Click2Map framework's function library.

The whole can be hosted on a mutualized Click2Map server, on a dedicated Click2Map server or even on your own hardware if you wish to control the network load resulting from your maps' activity.

Full control: host your maps on your server!

Full control: access to you map information database

The dedicated Click2Map Map Server installation allows you to exploit your own environment.

All the data used to create your maps and markers is stored in your dedicated MySQL database.

This database belongs to you - you can manage its content with the free Click2Map Editor or your own applications.

Control the network load resulting from your maps' activity

Installing the Click2Map Map Server on a dedicated server or on your own hardware allows you to finely control the netword load resulting from your maps's activity.

Control costs: one-time payment for unlimited usage!

The Click2Map Map Server solution consists of a PHP framework, a dedicated personal MySQL database and the Click2Map API to access it.

The framework corresponding to the current version can be purchased for a one time fee. All updates within the current version are free.

You can optionally purchase our installation and configuration service for your dedicated Click2Map server or your own hardware.

You can even choose from various hosting types for your map server: mutualized with an annual hosting plan, or dedicated with a monthly or annual hosting plan.

Our specific development services and information system integration are sure to answer to all your needs.

Develop your own solution with the Click2Map framework

Access the functionalities of the Click2Map API

The strength of the Click2Map framework resides in its extensive function library and its programming interface (Click2Map API).

You can control your maps' creation and updating processes using your own applications in which you can implement all the power of the Click2Map function library.

The map creation process becomes fully automated and directly driven by your information system.

Authentication functions
  • Connection
  • Disconnection
User account management functions
  • User registration
  • Account loading and updating
  • Loading and updating of application settings
  • Loading of user generated markers number
  • Deletion of personalized marker images
Map related functions
  • Loading of user generated maps
  • Loading and saving maps
  • Map deletion
  • Map duplication
  • Saving a map's center point
  • Saving a map's zoom level
  • Saving a map's center point and zoom level
  • Map publication
  • Loading of marker clustering parameters
Marker related functions
  • Loading of a map's marker list
  • Marker loading
  • Marker saving
  • Marker coordinates saving
  • Marker deletion
  • Marker duplication
  • Marker moving
  • Changing marker display order
  • Saving marker display order
  • Loading a list of markers resulting from a search
  • Loading an icon library
Group related functions
  • Group loading
  • Group saving
  • Group deletion
  • Changing the group display order
  • Saving the group display order
Drawing related functions (lines and polygons)
  • Loading of a map's drawing list
  • Saving drawings
  • Loading drawings
  • Deleting drawings
Marker template related functions
  • Loading of a user's marker templates
  • Saving a marker template
  • Loading a marker template
  • Deleting a marker template
Batch operations related functions on groups of markers
  • Adding tabs to marker information windows
  • Deleting tabs
  • Applying a marker template within specified conditions
  • Modifying displayed information
  • Changing icons
  • Copying markers
  • Deleting markers
  • Moving markers
  • Saving marker geolocation information
  • Modifying information in batch operations
Data related functions (personal database)
  • Loading the list of data categories (fields)
  • Saving the list of data categories (fields)
  • Loading an editable data table
  • Saving data
File management functions for marker import/export operations
  • Importing markers
  • Deleting non-geolocated makers
  • Saving marker coordinates
  • Matching import file columns to marker properties
  • Exporting markers
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