6 Frequently Asked Questions about Click2Map map publication

Tips - December 11, 2014

When it comes to publishing maps, the Click2Map team sometimes receives questions about the ins and outs of the publication process.

Here are the answers to 6 frequently asked questions about the publication of Click2Map maps.


1- Can I print my maps with Click2Map?

Click2Map does not offer printing capabilities in its current version. But, you can use your systems' screen capture utility to create an image from the desired map area before printing it.


2- Are there any licensing restrictions with regards to the use any of my maps?

There are no licensing issues as far as Click2Map is concerned. Our maps however use the Google Maps API and map backgrounds, so the restrictions applicable to Google Maps also apply to maps generated with Click2Map.


3- How do you prevent others from copying my maps?

As long as you don't share your maps' address, they're protected. As soon as you publish a map, it can potentially be shared and accessed by anyone who knows its address. This means that others may be able to consult your maps if you've previously shared them or published them. But, they don't have the possibility to duplicate them or to access your map's database.


4- I need to apply a transparent background to my map's widget. How do I proceed?

The transparent color is not available directly in the publication options. It’s necessary to edit the ‘widget.html’ file and modify the properties of the #body section with the following computer code:

#body { background-color: transparent; }


5- Clustering option doesn’t work when I download my map from Click2Map. Why?

Clustering only works with maps hosted on our servers - clusters are managed directly by our servers. (More info on our pricing page)


6- After exporting my map, I need to consult it locally. Is that possible?

If you do not have access to a server and want to consult your map locally, you need to uncompress the downloaded Zip archive in a local folder and open the file named map.html or widget.html in Firefox. For some reason, other web browsers prevent local execution of Javascript, resulting in the map not showing properly or not showing at all.


If you need further information, please contact us at support@click2map.com, we’ll be happy to help you.

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