Download my map on my server

Maps publication process - March 6, 2015

To publish a downloaded map on your server

1. Download the zip file from the Click2Map application
2. Unzip its content in a temporary folder on your computer
3. Use an FTP program to connect to your web server
4. Create a folder for your map files on your server
5. Copy the content of the temporary local folder to the remote folder on your server

Your map can the normally be reached by entering its direct address, such as: or

To embed a map in a webpage

1. Download you map files using the Publish > Download command in the Click2Map editor
2. Unzip the content of the downloaded archive on your computer
3. Upload all resulting files in a folder on your server via FTP
4. Embed your map in an iframe in the desired webpage

To embed your map in a webpage, you first need to check if the map is correctly accessible on your server: if it doesn't work on its own, it won't work when inserted in another webpage.

To check if your map works correctly, you need to be able to access it directly on your server, in the folder where you've uploaded its files - its address should be similar to this: or

Only if you've found your map's address on your server can you proceed with embedding it in your webpage.
The embed code your should insert in your webpage is similar to this:

<!-- Begin Click2Map Widget -->
<iframe id="c2m_map_widget" src="" width="500" height="400" frameborder="0"></iframe>
<!-- End Click2Map Widget -->

You need to replace the map address with its real address and specify the width and height you want it to be.


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