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All services are provided by the very same team of experts who have been working on the Click2Map project since 2006.

This guarantees high quality services based on a truly unique Geoweb expertise based on multiple years of combined experience.


Graphical personalization

Publish your maps on your website with your own look and feel.

Click2Map allows you to publish maps as widgets that can be embedded into existing web pages on your website.

Numerous publication options allow you to define the size of each widget and control the various display options related to map controls, the marker list or their description.

If you need even deeper personalization for a perfectly seamless integration into your website, our personalization service can help you create your very own, unique widget, in accordance with your exact specifications.

Service description

  • You provide us with the widget format and type you want to publish on your website. You can of course tell us on what web page you want the map to be displayed so that we can make you a custom format proposal.
  • We send you a quotation based on our standard pricing and guaranteed deadlines - usually 2 to 3 business days. Our hourly rate is $139, with a 25% Express Service surcharge if you need the work done within 24 hours. For more important projects, our daily rate is $890.
  • Work starts as soon as we receive your order, together with a 40% upfront payment by credit card, check or transfer.
  • When the work is done, you can access your maps with your usual Login and Password; you can even publish your maps with your own widget. We then ask you to pay the remaining invoice amounts.

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