10 points a Click2Map mobile user must know

Tips - May 27, 2015

1. Activate GPS location

First, GPS location must be activated in your phone's settings. You then have to click on the arrow at the right top of your screen in the mobile app. The arrow will turn blue and after few seconds, a blue point will be displayed on the map at your current GPS position.


2. Import your own points

You can’t import your own address file in the mobile application. This feature is available only in the editor. However, all modifications are automatically synchronized when you update your maps in the editor and the mobile app.


3. Zoom in - Zoom out

It’s really easy to zoom in your map: You can use the +/- buttons at the bottom left of the app screen You can also simply pinch in or out the touch screen with your fingers Finally, you can double-tap a finger on the screen to zoom in and tap with two fingers to zoom out.


4. Consult the statistics

For detailed statistics with graphs and specific figures about your markers, please connect to your web account. Some indications are available for each maps in the mobile app. Press the Publish button at the bottom of the app screen to display the active map statistics:

  • The date when the map has been published
  • The number of markers added on the concerned map
  • The number of unique visitors
  • The number of visits
  • The number of generated clicks on your map
  • The URL link of your map


5. Create an itinerary between 2 points of your map

It’s possible to create an itinerary between 2 points of your map or for example from your GPS position to one point of your map. You can touch the starting point or the arrival point of your choice. In the displayed window, choose your destinations among the following proposals: the concerned marker, an address or your GPS location (make sure that your GPS location on your phone is activated).


6. Photos in markers’ description in the mobile application

Photos are not displayed in your markers’ description. But they will be visible for the visitors of your map when published.


7. Change the map type to satellite view

Press the i icon at the top left of the app screen to access the map option screen: you just have to choose ‘Hybrid’ in the Type of map list.


8. Limit of the number of markers

You can add unlimited markers if you subscribe to our paid plans. However, beyond 1000 markers, the mobile app may become slow or unresponsive.


9. Modify personal information

It’s not possible to modify your personal information directly in your mobile account. But you can write at support@click2map.com and give us the modifications you need.


10. Transform geographical coordinates of a marker to decimal coordinates

You can press the Options button at the bottom right of the app to access the app's parameters: in the Options section, turn on Decimal coordinates. All coordinates will from now on be displayed in decimal form in marker descriptions.


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