3 steps for linking the product pages of your website to the points of your map

Tutorials - April 12, 2017

You show your building programmes on your website in detailed and illustrated product pages. Let’s imagine that you need to highlight these building programmes on a map. No need to start over.


It suffices to use our feature for opening a personalized link when you click on a marker. Indeed, when a visitor clicks on a point of your map, the webpage of your real estate product is displayed in his browser and gives him all the details he needs. A product sheet but outside the map.


Only 3 steps and you can link the product pages of your website to the points of your map.

1- Create a map

First, open the editor and in the Add menu, create a new Map.

Fill in the different information: Title, Description... Center the map on the area you need.


2- Import your products

Before the import of your Excel file in the editor, check if it’s in accordance with the import terms of Click2Map. It means:

  • It contains the following columns:
    • Title of the product: the title is important because, even if it is not displayed on the map, it will be visible in the map caption
    • ID: a unique ID. It will allow you to import again your file, with updated information, without creating duplicated markers on the map. The editor will just update the existing points
    • Address: the full address or a separated address into different columns with the street address, the zip code, the state, the city and the country
    • The URL of the product page on your website
    • Group: if you need to organize your points into categories to make the map caption easier to read
  • It is a .CSV file. An Excel file can be converted easily.

Then, kindly go to the editor, in the Add menu > Import. Follow the different steps of the import process and confirm.

Tips: if you need to open the URL in a new window of your browser, use the bulk operations (Tools menu) and choose “Change Web link”. Check the “Open link in new window” box. Confirm.

3- Embed the map in your website

The only thing left is to embed your map into your website. In the web Click2Map editor, click on the Publish menu > The widget on Click2Map’s servers.

The editor provides you a HTML code which can be copied-pasted in a webpage of your website.


It’s done! Your map is available for the visitors of your website. As soon as they will click on a point, they will be redirected on the concerned product page.


Now, it’s your turn to create a personalized map!

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Why wait?

Start mapping now!