5 commercial uses of an interactive map

Tips - September 24, 2015

Today, more and more press articles and blog posts are illustrated by interactive maps. They become really trendy. Cartograms, infographics, charts…

But did you know? An interactive map can help you become more productive in your daily work, raise your turnover and define your sales and publicity strategies.

Here are 5 commercial ideas to create and use an interactive map.


Converting leads into customers

Locate your stores, brands, or distributors on a map embedded in your website allows your visitors to view the stores next to their position. Mostly, they will have an access to trusted information in a few clicks from their computer or their cellphones such as opening hours, amenities, names and addresses, email…

Creating a store locator is the best way to catch some prospects, lead the to your stores and convert them into customers.


Organizing appointment tours

Efficiently planning appointments based on your contacts' location is a real time-saver. A map on which all your prospects or clients are located really helps optimize your appointment schedule and reduce costs.


Saving money in advertising campaigns

Locating your customers or prospects on a map makes it possible to save money in your mail advertising campaigns. For example, if transport costs become too important beyond a certain distance and don’t allow you to make profits, there's no real point in sending them flyers.

This will help you target local prospects and increase your campaign's impact.


Monitoring competition

By locating your competitors on a map will help you define the best selling policy or choose the most adapted distribution channel to sell your products.

You will be able to set up your company according to the location of your direct competitors.


Increasing sales

Embedding a store locator on your website is definitively an advantage. But the product locator is often forgotten or dismissed while it can be a true added value on your website.

As its name suggests, the goal of a product locator is to locate your products on a map which allows your clients to know the nature of the products available in a specific store. You’ll catch them in your stores.


Stop wasting time and money, create an interactive map now!

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