How to change the zoom control and the type of the map embedded into your website?

Tips - November 4, 2016


When you publish your map, it is possible to define several parameters like the level of zoom or the Google Maps background.

As a reminder, when you subscribe to our Premium plans, your maps are hosted on Click2Map’s servers. In other words, you don’t pay an extra fee for a hosting service.. Are also included in your Click2Map subscription: using the editor, importing several markers, adding groups and maps, using the Premium mobile application… all these features for $39 per month.

Once your map edited and finished, you can publish it as a widget for embedding it into your website or via a web link provided by the editor. Then, several parameters are available as the design of your map and the map type or the level of zoom for instance.

Do you need to block the zoom control of your map? Do you prefer the Satellite view? Here are 3 functionalities you can modify easily.


But first, in the Publish menu, choose if you need the HTML code si to embed a widget into your website (A widget online on Click2Map’s servers) or a web link (Online on Click2Map’s servers). An infowindow is displayed when you can personalize your map.


1. Block the zoom control

In the Settings section, in the Zoom control pull-down menu, choose the ‘None’ label. This action stops the user who want to zoom thanks to the Google Maps “+/-” buttons.

Furthermore, to block the level of zoom via the user mouse, in the Functions section, unckeck the ‘Enable Zoom’ box.


2. Freeze your map

If you don’t want that the user moves your map, it is possible to block it. In the Functions section, uncheck the ‘Enable Map dragging’ box.


3. Change the type of your map

In the Settings section, choose in the Map Type pull-down menu, a background: map, satellite, hybrid or terrain. (Discover how to put the Satellite view in the mobile app?)

Tips: to modify the Map Type in the Click2Map editor, at the left top of your map, choose in the pull-down menu a type of map (Plan, Satellite, Relief).
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