5 Click2Map Pro Tips

Tips - July 18, 2014

Quick Add markers Mode

This mode allows you to directly add a marker at a location with a single click. First, you need to activate it by checking the Quick Add markers option at the top right of the editor, just above the map. You can then create new markers by simply left clicking at the desired locations on the map.

What is the right size for my images in the editor?

It is possible to include images in the description of a marker or in a photo tab. Here are the ideal dimensions you should use to prevent your images from scrolling horizontally or vertically:

  • Photo in a marker description: 355 x 130 pixels (larger images will scroll horizontally or/and vertically)
  • Photo in a photo tab: 300 x 150 pixels (larger images will be resized to fit in this space - clicking on the image thumbnail opens the original full-size image)
  • Icons: all icons should be placed in a transparent 32 x 32 image in PNG format.

Bulk operations

Bulk operations give you the possibility to add, modify, delete... multiple markers at the same time.

If you wanted to create for example a tab “Price and Opening Hours” on all your markers, you’d simply have to do this:

  1. Use the Tools > Bulk Operations command from the menu, then select Add extra tabs from the dropdown list.
  2. You can then choose the Text tab type and start entering the information you want.

Clustering options

Your map includes so many markers that you can’t see it correctly? You have to enable clustering.

On the Map tab, you have the possibility to configure clustering options: the rate which higher it is more markers will be clustered, the minimum markers you need to build a cluster and which zoom level markers won’t be clustered anymore.
AutoDetect function is also possible. It’s based on your current zoom and marker count.

It’s good to know clustering is forced over 250 markers loaded in map view.

How to center my map?

If your map needs to be centered on a specific geographical location, for instance a country like France:

  1. Use the Edit map > Map properties command from the menu.
  2. Enter the exact address in the Center Map Address text area, then click on Geocode to find the location's geographical coordinates.
  3. If you know the exact Latitude and Longitude, you can use them instead to define the central point for the map.

The coordinates are automatically filled in when you click on the Geocode button.

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