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Tips - October 14, 2016

Create a map that suits your taste in every respect is not easy. But, some useful and easy to use tools are at your disposal to help you and create your map in few minutes.

Add hundred of points, organize them by category, personalize the icons, embed your map into your website, all these actions may seem tedious but, with the Click2Map solution, they are simplified.

What are these tools? How to use them? The answers in this post.


1- Import your addresses and territories

The import feature allows you to import your own Excel/CSV, KML or XML file.

In this way, you can add on your map post addresses, geographical coordinates or may be territories.

This import module will assist you for several operations like the mass addition of a marker’s title, description, web link or even email address.

You only need to follow the different steps by choosing the format of your file and by associating its columns to the existing Click2Map elements. Import. It’s done! All your markers are automatically geolocated and/or all your territories are drawn on your map.


2- Bulk operations

The bulk operations are the typical example of the usability of the online editor.

Thanks to them, you can make several actions on multiple markers in one single operation: modify the description of a marker, add tabs, change the icon of all your markers, etc.

Even though the main part of mass adds and modifications are possible with the import feature or the creation of a marker template, multiple bulk operations make easier the creation of your map.


3- The GPS location feature in the mobile application

The online editor is not the only tool at your disposal to create your map. Indeed, it exists the Click2Map Premium mobile application, available on Google Play for Android devices and on Apple Store for iPhone and iPad devices. A free version is also available if you’ve subscribed to a free plan.

Among the useful functionalities for creating your map, it’s possible to locate your position on the map and find the nearest points from your location. To do that, it suffices to turn on the GPS of your phone. Click on the arrow at the right top of your screen and a blue point displays your current position.

The advantage with this feature is to edit and update your points on the ground. There is no need to be sitting in front of your computer for adding the information you’ve gathered on a spot. They are synchronized automatically. Even if you don’t have internet connection, your data is updated on your online map when your connection is back.








4- Add your own icons

A rich icon gallery is available in the online editor. Several themes are proposed as culture, transportation, public facilities, etc.

However, sometimes, they are not enough. Adding the company logo or a simple personalized icon becomes possible.

A customized collection is at your disposal and allows you to download your own icons.


5- Embed your map in your website

Embed your map in your website seems to be complicated and require technical competencies? Make no mistake, in few clicks, you get a simple solution with Click2Map.

By subscribing to a Premium plan, we host your maps on Click2Map’s servers which means that you don’t pay an additional hosting, the updates of your maps are automatic with the editor, etc. Thus, once your map complete, you can publish it as a widget.

Then, the editor provides you a HTML code. Embed your map becomes as easy as child's play: copy and paste this code in the webpage of your website and it’s done.

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