Create automatically points on your map when you move

Tutorials - December 8, 2016

Your Click2Map subscription allows you to use the mobile application, Click2Map Premium.

Several functionalities are available in this application. It offers you permanent access to your maps and data even when you're on the road to visit clients or places. The mobile application allows you to check a marker's position on the spot, to add information and photos taken on location. If you need to make professional surveys, check properties, find your client's location…, a 3G/4G connection suffices.

What if you don’t have an internet connection? No problem. An offline mode exists. Then, when you edit a point, a map, a group, the mobile application saves your modifications and synchronize them as soon as the connection will return.

Click2Map Mobile is the ideal companion application to the Click2Map Editor.

But there is more. You can benefit from the unique feature: the Timer mode.


The Timer mode, what’s that?

The Timer feature automatically generates markers when you’re on the move: a new marker is regularly created whenever a change in location is detected. This is a great functionality to keep track of a professional itinerary or a personal mountain hike or mountain bike trail for example.

New markers are only created when a change in location is detected to prevent the creation of multiple markers at the same place.

This feature is not available without internet connection. Indeed, the mobile application needs to know your GPS position for working properly.


How to activate it?

Make sure that GPS positioning has been authorized for the Click2Map app and that it is turned on by pressing the arrow at the right top of your screen (Be careful, the GPS locator of your phone has to be switched on too)

Press & hold the red icon - a pin icon - at the bottom of the screen to display the marker mode selector.

Select 'Timer' mode in the displayed menu: the red icon is now replaced with the Timer icon at the bottom of the screen.

Press the Timer icon to activate this mode. The following timer controls become available at the bottom of the screen:

  • Interval: use this slider to specify the interval of time between two location records (from 30 seconds to 10 minutes).
  • Record: press this button to start recording your position at the specified interval.
  • Pause: press this button to temporarily stop recording your position.
  • Stop: press this button to stop recording your position and exit Timer mode.


And in the editor?

It’s only possible to use the Timer mode in the mobile application Click2Map Premium.

Markers created in timer mode are automatically saved in a group of their own which are visible in the web editor. They are automatically incremented - this makes it easy to find when they were created and in what order. Markers can of course be edited and modified to add information, photos, etc.

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