Create a Google Maps itinerary between two points on your map

Tutorials - September 30, 2016

Your map is ready and can be published. An itinerary module is missing to complete it.

In the Click2Map editor, we propose you to add an Itinerary tab which allows your users to create a route between two points or between an address of their choice and a point on your map.

In the Publish menu, click on the two options available: publish the map as a widget into your website for instance or share it with your network via a web link provided by the editor. In the info-window which is displayed, kindly go to the ‘Layout’ section.



This tab will be automatically added to your map, as you can see in the preview at your right. Once your tab is active, the labels ‘From this point’ and ‘To this point’ are displayed in your markers.



The itinerary which is generated on your map is offered by Google Maps. So, you will see the different steps of your route and the distance in miles between the concerned points.

Check the following map and test the itinerary module. Use the tab at your right and type an address or a zip code of your choice. Or click on a marker and set it as a starting point or an arrival destination.

Bonus: before publishing the map, we also propose you to add an address finder. This module allows your users to type an address of their choice and locate all the points near this address. The map is automatically centered and your users can easily make their itinerary to the closest points.

Any difficulties to add the module? Contact us at

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