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Customer Success Stories - July 10, 2014

We come back today with a special article about one of our client: Absolute Référencement. To learn more about this company, we’ve interviewed David DURAND PICHARD, a specialist teleworker who’s been working for 3 years for Absolute Référencement. His SEO expertise has allowed him to work for prestigious clients since 1996, such as the French TV company M6, the MEDEF, the BNP Paribas bank, the real estate agency Logic-Immo…

 Absolute Référencement is based in Paris, at Mantes-La-Jolie, and employs 11 persons. Its specialties are SEO, web and marketing strategy, e-reputation and communication.

 The aim of SEO is to increase traffic and improve audience quality to responding search engines requirements with quality and relevant content on a website. So, Mr. DURAND’s project was in line with the company strategy since it was designed to highlight how French municipalities rank on search engines in France.


 The difficulty was to put this idea on a map and the Click2Map Team took up the challenge and built the custom map below:

Source: Absolute Référencement website


But how did we get this result? Why choose Click2Map? I asked all these questions to Mr. DURAND.

How did this idea come up? Why create a map?

 David DURAND has always had connections in the political world with mayors and communication specialists. Last summer, he started a study about the visibility of the city halls websites. More of 1200 towns were analyzed.

 “How are the e-reputation and communication of a town positioned on the Internet? How does it put forward relevant content? Studying these points was interesting because they are not the main concerns of some city halls.” reveals Mr. DURAND.

The ranking of major cities was surprising and disturbing. For example, you won’t see Paris in the TOP 10 of the region “Ile De France” or in the TOP 10 of the cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants especially as Municipal Elections 2014 was closed (23th and 30th March 2014).

If you take a look in the sheet of the TOP 20 most visible cities in France, you can notice the first one is a little town in Dordogne with little more than 8000 inhabitants, Coulounieix-Chamiers.

To conduct this study, Absolute Référencement has chosen specifics key words related to the main topics for which a town website should appear in search engines. A total of 100,000 words were used. Example of keywords: “elected officials” [Town], “Building Permit” [Town], or [Name of Mayor]…

The choice of the requests has been made in order to address legitimate concerns of the administered cities like public services, transportation means, building permits, Market Days…

The visibility of these websites is broken down into three distinct groups and marked by an index:

  • The “good students”, (ranked > 20,000): green symbol
  • The “middling students” (between 5,000 and 19,999): orange symbol
  • The “bad students”  (less 5,000): red symbol

So, the use of a map was legitimate. As Mr. DURAND says: “When you want to see the bad and/or the good of a region, the map is an obvious option.”

The map was launched on Absolute Référencement’s website in March 2014, a little before the Municipal Elections.


Why Click2Map and how did you hear about us?

 Ex Vice-President of SEO Camp (an association which regroups more than 100 members and more than 100 sympathizers, whose main activity or interests are SEO or "search engine marketing"), Mr. DURAND is a regular in the network of Web Specialists.
After different professional meetings and scheduled exchanges and discussions, he met Antony ZANETTI, one of the co-founders of Click2Map.

“The main objective of Absolute Référencement was to find a product which can integrate a huge personal data esthetically.”

That’s why Click2Map was perfectly suited to the profile. A custom map gave access to Mr. DURAND some opportunities and new features on the development of his map.


What are the custom functionalities Click2Map provided?

- Search tool system: Click2Map created a personalized search system to display only selected information, dynamic research…

Source: Absolute Référencement website


- Center the Map: When the visitor clicks on a particular region, the map is centered on this area

Source: Absolute Référencement website

- Tooltips have been created on-demand: Name of Mayor, Zip code, Number of People, the Website, the SEO visibility, and a link with its evolution over several months illustrated by a chart.

Source: Absolute Référencement website


- Personalized design: the design was adapted naturally to the colors of the company and the website. Personalized icon, company logo, custom colors, everything has been thought in this direction…

- Absolute Référencement doesn’t use the Click2Map Editor. A specific import module hase been developed to allow Absolute’s team to update their map contents directly, with no Click2Map intervention...


Did you have some feedbacks?

 Mr. DURAND explains precisely. “The principal reason of such a low visibility, is that a lot of towns only have enough money to create a website and don’t invest in the SEO referencing. They are aware that their website was not created with normal rules but their point was not to be seen but most of the time the interest was political. If the others websites mention the facilities, services, local shops... that’s enough for them.
On the other hand, sometimes the problem is different. They don’t have the communication rights. For example a store opens and the city hall wants to talk about it. But they can’t if they doesn’t obtain the communication rights! Most of the time they’ll let other websites promote it.”

So, basically a little part of the 1255 cities gave a feedback. However, they was pleased to use the map and surprised by the results of their position among all cities in France. Many towns used the map to improve their performance.


How do you collaborate with Click2Map?

 “The collaboration between Click2Map and Absolute is good. The exchange of email is regular.”

 Building this map was a classic web project. Absolute Référencement and Click2Map conceived it well in advance. During numerous meetings and discussions, Mr. DURAND and the Click2Map Team thought about all possibilities and consequences. For example, the map is totally integrated on the website. But if the map doesn’t work, the web page still does.


And the future improvements?

A future TOP of the cities which improved their visibility is planned. The towns won’t be particularly the best. For example: Clermont-Ferrand has maximized its chances by changing its domain name. It is a huge progress but it’s not part of the most visible cities yet.
For the technical side, as Mr. DURAND says: “Ergonomics and loading time can always be improved”.


If you want to take a look of Absolute Référencement website, click here or on the link: http://www.absolute-referencement.com/


For any questions, contact us support@click2map.com

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