Embed a video into a point of interest

Tutorials - January 18, 2016

A marker can be used to locate a point of interest or a position, which is graphically represented by an icon on your map. A marker can hold different sorts of information such as texts, photos, HTML code…

  • Photos, videos and text in the description
  • Customized tabs with photo, video, any HTML code...
  • Display or Hide the address, coordinates...

Now, in this blog post, we will show you how to embed a video into your point of interest.

Follow these simple steps to embed a video in a tab or in the description of your marker.

1- In a tab

First, you need to add a Code tab to your marker: Edit your marker (double click on the concerned marker in the marker list below your map) > click on Extra tabs > Code button.

In the displayed box, add the HTML code of your video.

Let’s take an example with a Youtube video. When you click on the ‘Share’ button below the video, a code is available.

Copy/paste this HTML code in the Code tab of your marker.

Adjust the height and width until the size fits with the infowindow of your point of interest.

Don’t check the box ‘Display selected properties in default tab’ to only display the video tab in your marker.

2- In your marker’s description

Double click on the concerned marker in the marker list below your map.

In the toolbar of the description box, click on the 4 arrows icon. A window is displayed.

2 options are possible:

  • Click on the media icon to add directly the HTML code of the video.
  • At the right of the toolbar, the HTML button allows you to add some HTML content. Really practical for customizing the description wih a text or a specific layout (Read this post for some HTML coding basics).

Make sure the description box is checked and save your marker.

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