Did you know the French Remarkable Trees Map?

Customer Success Stories - January 16, 2015

Today, we interviewed one of our clients, Alain CHONE, from the A.R.B.R.E.S. association, who created a map of French remarkable trees with the Click2Map editor.

In order to share with us his Click2Map experience, we questioned him about the association and its goals, but also about his daily use of the editor and the different feedbacks regarding his map.

Remarkable Trees Map

Discover this map by clicking here or by copying/pasting the following link in your current browser : http://www.click2map.com/v2/sachone/Carte-association-ARBRES.


Could you please tell us a few words about the association and its aim... ?

  • Association

Created in 1994, A.R.B.R.E.S. association (Arbres Remarquables: Bilan, Recherche, Études et Sauvegarde - Remarkable Trees: Assessment, Research, Studies and Safeguard) has different goals:

  1. Being a gathering place for everyone interested in the Remarkable Trees.
  2. Urge deeply on the researches in biological as much as historical or folkloric (legends and traditions) on these past witnesses.
  3. Help those who try to draw up the regional inventories, in publicizing the past or current realizations.
  4. Give its support and help to those who want to save a remarkable tree, threatened by illness or inappropriate arrangement.
  5. Create a quality label to protect Remarkable Trees.
  6. Circulate knowledge of all kinds affecting these trees by organizing visits, conferences, discussions, exhibitions, writings.

The assocation organizes trips on the ground for its members, which can last a few days and allows discovery of our regional Remarkable Trees, through different village’s traditions and histories.


  • How to identify a remarkable tree?

    • Age: The advanced age of a tree is an important factor.
    • Physical criteria: Height and circumference are fundamental
    • History and beliefs: Is the tree associated to a historical person or a legend?
    • Attractive criteria: Does it haeve a tortuous aspect, specific colors, is it large-scale, trimed strangely, etc.?
    • Biological criteria: Does it feature particular adaptations to its environment?
    • Others: Is the tree located beyond its natural environment?

More information on the website here.


How did you hear about Click2Map? Why us?

By browsing blogs that commented interactive maps (not very friendly or updated) we had embeded on our website. One comment suggested to our webmaster to test the Click2Map tool!

I first tried your free version which attracted me (the rendering, easy for a non-expert, ...)


Do you update your map through the editor and/or mobile app.?

We update our map punctually via the web editor.


Have you met some difficulties in your daily use of Click2Map (ease of use, support…)?

Except some display trouble sometimes during editor updates, everything is great!


Have you received any feedbacks about your map?

The result is very well accepted by users. Nevertheless, a small working to add on the map more accurate information with better pictures remains.

Furthermore, we publish our map online before our congress in September 2014, with a French show on the radio “France Inter” (“La Tête Au Carré”, a show which approaches any science news in every research fields.) which promoted our map. The result: hundreds of clicks on the map in the next hour!

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