Google Earth: API abandonned!

News - December 18, 2014


Google will put an end to its Google Earth API (also Google Earth Plug-in and its JavaScript API) on December 12, 2015.

It was mostly used by developers to embed 3D maps in a webpage for example or to display them in other applications.

Google hasn’t annouced an alternative solution for now. But as it said, the 3D is in its blood, we can hope for a new application in the future:

Google Earth has a proud legacy, which continues with the new Google Earth for Android, powered by a brand new renderer. 3D is in our blood, and while we can’t announce anything just now, we look forward to sharing more exciting product news in the future.


Some developers had already stopped to use Google Earth API. Indeed, the percentage of Chrome users for the Google Earth plugin dropped from 9.1% in September 2013 to 0.1% in October 2014.

Even if there are no consequences for the Click2Map editor, we are looking for an alternative solution for some custom mapping project in the future. Cesium has Click2Map team’s attention. To be continued…

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