How to personalize your map before sharing it?

Tips - July 23, 2015

During the publication process, in the Publish Map box, multiple elements are available to customize your widget and your map.

Divided in 4 parts, you can define different parameters: Layout, Settings, Functions, Custom Style

Design your map to match to your corporate identity and style guide.

First, choose the desired map and click on the Publish menu.

Then, 2 solutions are presented to you: publish your map as a widget and embed it in any webpage or share it via a URL link.


1. Sidebar and Footer personalization

First, you can personalize the width and the position of the sidebar. Or even totally remove it from your map.

It’s possible to add direction and search tabs too. Your users will be able to create an itinerary between two points on your map and search terms, addresses, etc. in your markers’ content.
You can also choose to show or hide your drawings in the sidebar (they will remain visible on your map).

Secondly, the footer’s text can be customized by adding your website and your email contact information.

When you choose to publish your map online on Click2Map’s servers, you have the possibility to add a Google Advertisement thanks to your Adsense Affiliate ID.

2. Map controls

In the Settings section, define the zoom control and other map parameters like showing the scale or the overview.

You can change the type of your map too: Map, Hybrid, Satellite or Terrain.

It’s possible to choose here the type of zoom control or to hide it completely.

3. Parameters

If for instance, in the previous part, you chose to hide the zoom control on your map and you need to block the zoom via the users’ mouse, you can do so here. make sure the Enable Zoom box is unchecked.

Moreover, you can prevent the map dragging by unchecking the Enable Map dragging option.

Highlight markers box concerns the red circle around your icon when you select it.

Enable the clustering allows you to cluster multiple markers close to each other in one point.

Display an address finder on your map is a good way to allow your users find easily a point on your map near to them.

4. Style and colors

In the Custom Style section, you will be able to modify the colors and the font of different map elements.

If you add some tabs to your Sidebar, you probably need to change the tab and font colors, so that they will match to your corporate identity.
Likewise the color of the widget border and the text of your markers and groups.

The color of the Background is also editable.


If you choose to publish your map online on Click2Map’s servers, Main Elements tab is displayed and you can customize the size, the font and the color of the title, the footer’s text and the description of your map.
Tips and Tricks: Position correctly your map in the explorer view. That’s this view will be visible to your users on the start-up of your map.
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