How to add telephone numbers in your marker’s description in 4 steps?

Tips - August 25, 2016

You own a file of 500 points with the contact details of your shops and you need to import them in Click2Map. There is nothing simpler than importing your addresses in the editor! Yes, but you realize that your file contains phone numbers and no ‘Telephone’ field exists during the import process.

It’s normal because this field doesn’t exist by default in the editor, you have to create it. Don’t worry. It’s an easy process with just a few clicks.

How to create a ‘Telephone’ field and import it in the description of your points? Let us explain to you in 4 steps in this post.


1. Create a personalized data field

The field doesn’t exist, you need to create it before importing your file.

Go kindly to the My database menu > Properties.

First, you have to create the data category called here: StoreLocator. Then create the concerned data field. In our case, it will be the ‘Telephone’ field with the Text format (prefer this type in those cases where your phone numbers contains the telephony designator).



2. Rename the concerned column in your file

Before the import, in order to save time, rename the column which contains the phone numbers in your file.

Put a title with “#” followed by the name of the data category and the name of the data field. The editor will associate automatically your new personalized data field with the column of your file. In this cas, the column will be renamed by: #StoreLocator.Telephone


3. Import your file

Start now the import of your file. Go to the New menu > Import.

Follow the different steps and associate the fields which won’t be associate automatically by the editor.

Confirm and import.


4. Use the bulk operations

You have imported the needed information in the editor and your points are geolocated on your map. Perfect. Now it’s time to specify where you want to place the telephone numbers in your markers.

The bulk operations feature is ideal for this kind of operations in Click2Map. They are very useful when you need to make modifications on several markers in one single operation.

In the Tools menu > Bulk operations, select all your markers and choose at the top right ‘Change Description’. In the white box, enter the name of the personalized field defined earlier, here is #StoreLocator.Telephone.



It’s finished! Click on your points on the map, the phone numbers are all filled in the description.

If your map is ready, you can embed it in your website or share it with your network. Our post How to publish on website or share a map? propose you a tutorial and guide you on the publication process.

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