How to consult the statistics of your maps?

Tips - September 8, 2016

If you didn't already know it, it’s possible to consult the statistics of your maps in Click2Map.

First, where to consult them? You won’t find them in the editor, but in your Click2Map web account. In the main menu at the top of your screen, click on the Statistics section.


First and foremost, select a map in the drop-down menu and a period of time.

Your statistics will be displayed below these information and will indicate the following elements during the concerned time:

  • Visits: total consultations of your map
  • Unique visitors: number of unique users who have visited your map to date
  • Clicks: total clicks on your map
  • Clicks on markers: total clicks on your points
  • Average clicks/visit: average clicks per visit
  • Visits with clicks: total number of visits with at least one click on your map
  • Average time/visit: average time per visit of your users
  • Total time: Total time of consultation of your map

Furthermore, next to this statistics data, you will find specific measures about the points of your map. Indeed, a total number of clicks per markers is available for you, and a fixed percentage taking into account the total clicks on your markers.

A chart supports these numbers in order to show you the evolution on the chosen time period.

Did you share your map to your network? Think about it, your stats will significantly increase.

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