How to display the address of your marker in its description?

Tutorials - November 17, 2016

On your map, the post address is automatically displayed in your marker below its description.

But, it’s not an obligation. You have the choice to display the address in the description, in an additional tab or even not display it at all.

To do that, it suffices to modify only 3 parameters. Here is the process to display the post address of your markers in their description.


1- Create a marker template

Please kindly go to the ‘Tools’ menu > ‘Template Set’. Add a new one.

In the Description box, type the Click2Map element ‘$address’. This variable allows you to display automatically the text written in the Address box.

N.B.: Don’t forget to put a title to your marker template.

2- Apply the template

Second and last step, go to the ‘Bulk operations’ menu > ‘Tools’. Select all your markers.

In the drop-down menu, choose the ‘Apply a template’ operation. Choose the concerned template. Confirm.

Furthermore, to avoid the duplication of the both addresses in the description and in the Address box, a second action is necessary: ‘Change displayed items’.
In the Adress section, check the ‘Hide’ label. If you don’t want to modify the others parameters, check the ‘Don’t change’ box for the other items.

And it’s done! In all your markers, the post address is displayed in the marker’s description and doesn’t appear below it.

Tips: to save time, you can apply your markers template during the import process. It suffices previously to modify your addresses file and add a ‘Template’ column. In each cell of each row, enter the name of your template.
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