How to get back the information of your points in an Excel file?

Tips - February 9, 2017

In the Click2Map editor, you have the possibility to import massively your data, your coordinates, your addresses,... on your map.
But not only. It’s possible on the contrary to export the data of your points to your computer in a Excel file.


Your data can be exported to several formats: KML, XML or CSV files.

We don’t speak here about the export of the complete map to your server or your computer, but the extraction of the information of your markers, your drawings, or your groups.


Go to the New menu > Export.

Follow the steps and choose the right format. Then, export.


According to your needs, these files will allow you to export different data.

  • The CSV file: only the information of your markers and your groups are exported. This file is readable on MS Excel and can be converted into a .xls file.
  • The KML file: it will contain the information of your markers, your groups and your drawings (territories, lines, etc.). Online editors exist if you need to modify them like the KLM Manager software.
  • The XML file: will be exported, in this document, your drawings, their properties, the data of your points, and also, the data of your personalized fields. This XML file will be complete and detailed if you need to get back as much information as possible. It will be readable on MS Excel too.

Please read this article to discover the list of the exported fields in your CSV file.


Save time with our tips on MS Excel

As a bonus, we provide you a tip sheet for using MS Excel. Please find:

  • some useful and simple functions
  • some shortcuts for saving you time
  • a tutorial to convert your Excel file into a CSV or PDF file
  • some tips for making readable your CSV file on MS Excel
  • the ideal structure for creating your CSV file adapted to the Click2Map import

You could download your guide, "Tips on Excel".

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