How to import venues from an excel or csv file

Tutorials - August 25, 2013

Your business partners or retailers are listed in an Excel file and you want to put them on an interactive map? It's simple with the Click2map's Editor. Just follow those steps:


1. If you have a Microsoft Excel file with an address and city field

You need to export the file in an compatible format for Click2Map. One of the simple way to do that is to export your data in a CSV file. If you already have an CSV file go to step 2.

  • In Excel, open to the File menu and choose Save as
  • In the Save as dialog box, go to the Type drop down menu and select CSV comma separated.
  • Specify the file name and location. Click on Save.


2. You can now import your data...

Open the Click2Map Editor and:

  • In the New menu, select Import
  • In the Import dialog box, click on Next then choose the file format of the file to import, in this example simply select CSV Comma separated. Click Next and choose the file you created in step 1, click on Next and Import now!


  • In the Choose columns association dialog box, the system tries to map your fields with your Click2Map categories automatically and show the result in the third column. If certain fields stay highlighted you need to map them manually by clicking on the name of your fields and the correct Click2Map fields and then click on the Associate button.


  • Click2map then proceeds with the import as such, geocoding adresses (converting them into GPS coordinates) and putting them on the map.


3. It's finished!

Your map is done, now you can customize it, publish it or simply start using it within the Click2Map Editor!

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