Mapping your event: an original idea for inviting your customers

Tips - November 17, 2015

The organization of your professional event can’t be ready in 1 day and can be an arduous task. Scheduling, planning logistics and speakers, booking a room, are all essential points to ensure the smooth running of your event.

Think about what you could achieve if you could visualize them all on a map: all potential logistics or transportation scenarios would become clear and help you save time to organize your cocktail party, etc.

Moreover, what could be more original than sending an interactive map of your event to your guests. It will make their life easier by directly pointing their itinerary, their transportation, the different planned activities, etc.

What are the important steps to organize your event and how to map them? Just follow these few tips.

1. Important points to keep in mind when creating your map

  • The speaker(s)
  • The best solution is to call upon an external person, in preference a person famous in his area of expertise. The audience will be more inclined to listen carefully to the intervention of a recognized expert, especially if he brings some innovation, knowledge but, experience and sense too.
  • The date and timetable
  • Choose your date and avoid school vacations. Just like the days of a week as Monday, Friday and Wednesday, the day of the children. Regarding the timetable, the end of the afternoon is recommended.
  • The conference room
  • To achieve savings, prefer the use of a room at your premises. If it’s not possible, choose an adapted room, particularly in terms of equipment required for your event (seats with tablets, videoprojector, etc.) or if the building is easily accessible or contains enough parking spots in the case most of your guests would use private transportation for example.
  • The cocktail reception
  • If your finances allow it, make sure that you organize a cocktail reception after the conference, seminar… It will encourage and extend the exchanges created earlier during the day.
  • The transportation
  • If your event lasts several days, you may need to organize the transfer to the hotels or the shuttles from the station/airport to the spot of your event.

Benefit from additional advices about organization and click here (FRENCH).

2. How to map the previous elements?

Here are some simple ideas you can set up in Click2Map to create an efficient, readable and pratical map for your guests.

  • Center your map on the location of your event
  • Center your interactive map at the exact spot of your event. How? Click2Map allows you to center and zoom your map on the area of your choice.
  • 1 key element = 1 point of interest on your map
  • Represent each key moment of your event with a point of interest on your map. For instance, the arrival time of your guests at the station, the accomodation booked during your event, the location of the conference room, the different places of the planned activities, etc. Brighten up your points of interest with photos, videos, or for example, the program of the day. In Click2Map’s editor, enrich your markers with text, photos, HTML code… in multiple tabs.
  • Organize your points of interest into groups
  • The point is not to send a disorganized map. For a readable map, organize your points of interest into groups. The choice is yours regarding their usefulness: filter your map by date, by means of transportation and/or shuttles, by activities, etc.
  • Add a directions tab and an address finder
  • It’s in your best interest to create an interactive map with a directions tab and an address finder. Your clients and partners can locate their position and generate an itinerary from their workplace or their home to the event's location. The Address Finder module will be useful in the event that your guests will type an address and notice the points of interest close to this address.
  • Order your points chronologically
  • If your conference lasts several days, put your points of interest in chronogical order. Several solutions will help you to do this: personnalize the icons of your markers with numbers, create a groupe by day...

It’s done! Sending the program to your guests is the only remaining action! To do that, share your map via a URL link in your invitation email.

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