New! One click on a marker to open a web link

News - August 11, 2016

A new feature has been released in the Click2Map editor.

If you activate the option, one click and the marker won’t display an info-window anymore but will open a personalized URL address, determined in advance.

This functionality is very useful if you need to link your points on the map with pages of your website for instance.


How to activate the option?

Edit the concerned marker (double-click in the marker list). In the right section, fill in the ‘URL address’ field and check the option “Open web link on marker click”.

If you need that the web link opens in a new tab in your browser, please also check the box: “Open link in new window”. Use the bulk operations to apply this option on all your markers in one single operation.


Here is an example of a map locating famous amusement parks in Europe. When you click on the points, a new window is displayed and opens their website.


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