A quick overview of bulk operations’ possibilities

Tips - August 20, 2015

Thanks to the bulk operations you can update multiple markers in one operation. Moving your markers into different groups, change icon, add extra tabs, etc. are possible in a single update.

Click2Map provides you a professional and productive application. Updating your markers one by one become now obsolete.

Go kindly to Bulk operations menu. And choose the action you need to apply to your markers.


You edit different addresses of your markers and you don’t want to geocode them manually.

If you need to locate them correctly on your map, use Geocode command. The editor will geolocate them automatically on the map. 

Move - Copy - Delete Markers

Move your markers into groups or a different map easily. You can also duplicate or delete them.

Apply a Marker Template

You created a marker template and you need to apply it on your markers. Bulk operations are perfect for this kind of operation.

The same contact email address, same web links, identical tabs, personalized data fields... for all your markers are updated in one action.

Change Icon

A mass update of your markers’ icon is available with batch updates.

You want to change all? Select All and, then, choose the icon you need.

Add / Remove Extra Tabs

You can add new extra tabs of text, photos and also HTML code to several markers at the same time.

Just like it’s possible to delete all your extra tabs of your markers in one action.

Change displayed items

You imported your 800 markers and you realize you don’t need to display all coordinates in their description. Bulk operations are the best to hide them all.

Display or hide others elements like tabs, markers’ descriptions, addresses, web links or email addresses.

Change web link / Email / Tags

Add some identical tags to your markers by using Change Tags command. You can also modify email addresses and web links, available in your markers’ description.

Change description

Same process for the description of your markers. You can modify and apply it for multiple markers.

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General Map
Geocode markers
Delete markers
Apply a template
Change icon
Delete extra tabs
Change displayed items
Change web link
Change description

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