How to publish your map on your blog or your Facebook page?

Tips - May 6, 2015

Thanks to Click2Map editor, building your map, personalizing it and sharing it with your network are really easy. If this last part may be confusing for some people, this blog post will help you to publish your map on your professional blog and Facebook page.

Two options are possible to publish your maps with Click2Map: you can share them via a url link provided by the editor or publish them as a widget and embed it in a web page (Read How to publish on website or share a map?).

Of course, you can circulate the URL address provided by the Click2Map editor on your social media, either in your blog posts or in the form of ‘status’ on your social networks, in particular Facebook. However, if you wish to embed your map permanently, the best solution is to publish it as a widget.


Open Click2Map editor and go to ‘Publish’ menu.

When you click on ‘A widget Online on Click2Map’s servers’ button, a window is displayed in which multiple personalization options are available. You can choose the type of map, font colors, zoom level, etc. (we will be back soon on these points with a special post about Click2Map widget personalization).

If you are satisfied with your map’s customization, confirm by clicking on ‘Publish’. The editor will give you the HTML code of your map.

What to do with this HTML code?

1/ On your professional blog

At the creation of a new blog post, on any platform (WordPress, Blogger, Overblog…) you have the possibility to transform your article in a HTML format.

Sometimes, ‘HTML’ or ‘Source’ buttons make it possible to do that, in other cases like the WordPress example below, it’s a tab.

You just need to paste your map's HTML code into this specific space and validate.

Your map will be displayed in your article where you embedded it.


 2/ On your company Facebook page

Currently, there's no possibility to add HTML code directly on your Facebook page. But, tools exist to add extra tabs which can contain HTML code.

So, making a map available to your ‘fans’ becomes possible.

Here are some tools which will be useful to integrate these new tabs.

They allow you to create tabs which will be displayed in your main menu, next to ‘Timeline’, ‘About’,‘Photos’, etc.

They are completely personalized with your map, but also with your images, your videos, your brand colors...

Now you hold all the cards to embed your map in your blog and your Facebook page.

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