TOP 10 of the most useful Click2Map maps

Showcase - February 5, 2015

We’ve selected the 10 following Click2Map maps created in 2014 – though very different they’re all useful in your daily life, as much personnal as professional. Discover some examples original maps created with the Click2Map Editor.

Click directly on map photos or titles to access our customers’ original maps.

Blanquefort City


It’s very common and pratical to use Click2Map and create a map showing cultural, sporting, municipal, etc. services of a city. Here is represented Blanquefort, a french town. Public services are listed at the right of the map and located with markers and customized icons.


Transporters in Haute-Savoie


Where to find transporters in Haute-Savoie? It’s really easy to create a Store Locator map which locates every transporters in a specific region.

Vienna City Tours


Which sites to visit in Vienna? All must see locations are pointed on this map. Museums, cathedrals, operas… click on markers for more info!

Farming results with Syngenta


Maps are a good way to show farming results and stats,… In the present case, observe tests of Force 20 CS, the new and efficient insecticidal maize’s protection against the main destructive elements of the soil as wireworms.

Z3 Community


This map, created by a car fan, locates BMW Z3 owners across the world. Each markers contain car model, color and a picture.

Remarkable Trees in France

Remarkable Trees Map

We have already mentionned it on this blog in a previous post with the interview of M. CHONE, the author and member of A.R.B.R.E.S. association (read the interview here).

This map gathers the remarkable trees in France. You can submit them by contacting the association on its website.

Auto Bleue Stations


Become green and environmentally responsible? Nice-Côte d’Azur Metropolis has well understood. On the map, you will notice all Auto Bleue stations offering electric cars hire and their loading terminals.

Changing Table Locator


Need to change your child? Here’s a map locating the points of changing table in public places: restaurants, toilets, stores, etc.

Food Trucks in Asheville


“Food Trucks”, became very famous these past years. From the indian and gourmet food to the mexican food, the map will indicate where they are in Asheville.

Dogs invited


Sometimes, as holidays approach, it’s a real headache for dog owner to find a place which accept dogs.

This map helps you find a hotel, campsite, etc. in the United Kingdom in which our pets are welcome, especially dogs.


Air Max Shox 2018
Transporters in Haute-Savoie

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