The most unusual Starbucks Location

Showcase - November 25, 2014

Click2Map allows you to include photos in the description of a marker or to create specific additional photo tabs. To show you how to proceed to illustrate markers with photos, we've built a map locating the most unusual Starbucks Locations across the world.

1/ Add a photo in a tab

  • Click on a marker and select Edit Marker
  • Use the Extra tabs > New Tab ‘Photo’ button
  • Upload your photo from your hard drive or from a URL (if you need a reminder for the right image size, read this post)
  • Add a legend, if needed
  • And click on Ok


2/ Add a photo in marker description

  • Click on the green icon in the toolbar description
  • Choose Insert/Edit Image
  • Enter the image URL and define the parameters of Alignment and Width (to choose the right image size, read this post)

Tips: don't check Display selected properties in default tab box to display your photo directly in the marker tooltip (it doesn’t work if you display marker description too)

Starbucks Locations

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