How to update easily my database?

Tips - January 27, 2015

If you have imported some markers in the editor, they constitute your personal Click2Map database.

Very simple and efficient functionnalities exist to update them regurlarly without pressure.

With the ’ID/Name’ field

If you import again an updated CSV file in an existing map, the markers will be duplicated and you will have to erase them before the import.

So, think about the ‘Name’ field during your first import which should be convenient in the future! This field is the name of the marker and has to be unique. It is the primary information used to identify a specific marker. You can use this field to store a name in clear or a unique identification number.

It means if you import again existing markers with their names, the editor will replace and update them automatically.

values association import


Directly in your database

You may need to modify or update information on multiple markers without a full CSV file import.

You have the possibility to directly modify your personal Click2Map database.

Use the ‘My database’ menu > ‘Edit Values’ command. When the window appears, you can start editing the desired fields.

BDD edit values2


Useful Tip:

If you need to modify the web links and/or emails or add extra tabs of all your markers in one operation.

- Go to ‘Bulk operations’ menu > ‘Other Bulk Operations’

- Select specific markers

- In the drop-down menu, chose ‘Add Extra Tabs’ or ‘Change Web Link’ or ‘Change Email’

bulk operations

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Associate values during the import process
Edit directly the database
Bulk Operations

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