Geocodings, what are they?

Tips - September 22, 2016

In the Click2Map Premium plans, we propose you to add unlimited markers (and maps) and we offer you 1 000 monthly geocodings for free.

We know that the concept of geocodings is confusing for most people. This post is the opportunity to focus on them.

’Geocodings’, what is that? How to use them? Why are they useful? We will explain all to you.


What is the difference between markers and geocodings?

Geocodings convert a post address into geographical coordinates (latitude / longitude) and represent them with a point on your map.

A marker is thispoint represented on your map which has been geocoded by the editor or located manually on the map.


What are geocodings used to?

For instance, if you need to locate your street addresses with an import of your own file, the editor has to geocode them. Without geocodings, no points on your map!



How to do for not using geocodings?

Indeed, it’s possible to create a marker without using geocodings.

By their very nature, geocodings transform your street address into geographical coordinates. So, it’s possible to import directly longitude and latitude coordinates in the editor. The Click2Map editor will position them as markers on your map without using the step ‘geocoding’.

Another solution: you place your marker on your map manually. Once the marker added, click on it and keep it pressed until you find the right position on the map. When you have, release your mouse.


1 000 free geocodings per month are not enough for your mapping project?

No problem. We propose some packages of additional geocodings. They are three: one package of 1 000, one of 5 000 and one of 10 000 extra geocodings.

You can buy as many packages as you need. They are not limited in time.


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