Locate your business partners

Do you want to display a map of your business partners, resellers or distributors? Import your partners' addresses and they'll be automatically geolocated! Automatic clustering even allows you to display large numbers of markers without sacrificing map fluidity.

All you need to do is create a map and add a marker at each desired location. Each marker can contain text, photos, videos or any other HTML content. Markers can be organized into multiple groups, as shown in the example below. If your map contains many places or if you need to frequently update their information, the Import function is exactly what you need. Click2Map's advanced functionalities are designed to help you improve your productivity: marker templates, the personal database and custom variables are powerful helpers.

Sample map

This map was created with the Click2Map Editor: use the map controls or your mouse to navigate and zoom freely, click on a marker to display its details.


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