How to organize your personal Click2Map database?

Tutorials - November 16, 2014

Today, we will focus on data categories and data fields to organize your personal Click2Map database.

As an example, if you need a store locator to locate multiple stores on a map, different types of information will be necessary for each store. For example, you may need to be able to create a data categoy called "amenities". It can be used to store information about free wifi availability, mobile payment, etc. for each store.

A data category can include as many data fields as you need. The 'Free Wifi' data field will be useful to know if each store offers free wifi access.

Different data field types are available:

  • Text
  • Multiline Text
  • Yes / No
  • Date
  • Number
  • Rich Text

In concrete terms, take a restaurant locator for example, it would be possible to create these 2 data categories:

  • Opening Hours: opening times for each store
  • Amenities: services for each store like free wifi, mobile payment, 24-Hour service, drive-thru.

1. Select My Database > Properties from the menu

2. Click on Add Data Category to create your fist data category

  • Data category Name: OpeningHours (Blank spaces or extended characters won't be accepted)
  • Data fields: 
    • Name: Monday
    • Type: Text
    • Click on Add Data Field to create the data field

Repeat the previous actions for each day.

'Opening hours' data category

3- Add the second category

  • Data category Name: Amenities
  • Data fields: 
    • Name: FreeWifi - Type: Yes / No
    • Name: Drive-Thru - Type: Yes / No
    • Name: 24-HourService - Type: Yes / No
    • Name: MobilePayment  - Type: Yes / No
  • Click on Add Data Field to create the data field
data category
'Amenities' data category

Now, all you need to do is fill in information in your database for each store.

Create your data categories and data fields right now! 

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'Opening hours' data category
'Amenities' data category

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